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A Sweet Thing to Say

(9:41:54 PM) KerouacCommy: the only things we have is what everyone in the world has
(9:42:12 PM) KerouacCommy: love and grace
(9:42:44 PM) marycaitmorgan: I get the wrong kinds of love going.
(9:42:49 PM) marycaitmorgan: And I don't have enough grace.
(9:42:49 PM) KerouacCommy: that can be housed in people or gods, but no in ourselves
(9:44:25 PM) KerouacCommy: but i dont' mean it just that way
(9:44:39 PM) KerouacCommy: we've got good things in the present
(9:44:52 PM) KerouacCommy: but damn, they aren't on the internet
(9:45:30 PM) KerouacCommy: they're in those mountains, and in a quiet boy who will love you for what you are


Just so you know,
  yeah, it may be dippy podunk ugly windy trashmonster tumbleweed shitkicker town out here.
But let me just tell you.

The. Stars. Are. INCREDIBLE!!!

Wow it's so wonderful and big and deep and light out there when the night has no clouds.

airports are the suck

The last time I had to endure a string of airports, I was fucking crying in public in front of all those poor people for the entire day. I was trying not to! I didn't mean to! It's easy for me to look like a freak.
Hopefully, there will be a little less of that today and more of just traveling like a somewhat normal holiday passenger.

I have tried to make the best of things here. I bought a calico fantail to live with goldfish Sedgwick and Candy Darling. It needs a name, too, though. Suggestions?
I have made friends that are nice (obviously, because they are Kristin's friends.) But they know and can tell that I am broken. Like I said, I can't hide my freakness from anyone. It's hard to deal with people who are in pain- I understand.

I am relieved to be holidaymaking soon with the people that have to put up with me no matter what.
Unconditional love is what lovers/spouses promise but rarely deliver. Fortunately, you can find that in your family.

I don't ever want to 'date' anymore. I just want a family with someone- a big one that meshes with love. I realize that is idealistic and not everyone can get along. But it would soothe me in an important way right now.
So would getting to sleep with my big dogs! I will feel a tiny bit better when the river is near me again.

And, when I get back, I will go right into WORK.
   Yeah, I actually got a job!!!!!!!!!  A real slacks-and-sweater-set variety place of employment, pushing papers and data in SDSU's admissions office. Hopefully, it will pay the rent? And...it's better than food service?

Well, I'm going to go clean up so Mr. Luke LaLonde can have a nice place to stay and be a Born Ruffian, and pack, and generally get ready for my big trod today.

  I am aware that livejournal is lame, I just like talking to you guys and need a place to put things.

so fucking do something, then, asshole

Fine, well, I was able to pick these things out on The Best Thing
Just by spending a couple minutes, I found some things I can like, so fuck you:

midnight breakfast
post secret
laughing at a joke
stepping at a particularly crunchy leaf
babes, liberty, and the pursuit of fartiness
unexpected present
buttered rum
scented lotion after showering
long road trips with friends
getting a letter
not feeling pain
warm fuzzy kittens

If there's progress, it's hidden to me!

Well, I have not made a post since June 2007 and the only thing I can say is that I am still devastated.

Jun. 7th, 2007

No one can ever tell you it's all going to be okay.


I need more joy in my life.


Participation Time!

  Comment anonymously- what are the things about me that are most irritating?

nobody kicked it

I always seem to do a good job of updating this shittastic journal once I get settled in at home and am ready for that reflection time.
 So, I hope that more will come as I spend time here for spring break.

Right now, I just want you to know that the first morning of my spring break was spent burying the neighbor's dead horse!!!  :(

When it Rains, it Pours!

I need some helpful interpretation from my friends, please!

   Just wanted to share with you something special. A series of messages from "Arman" of India. First of all, I think I must be sending fertile wife-vibes all over the globe. Secondly, would anyone like to make a comment on the little tree story here?

can i know more about u what u do where are your parents and i am a student of medicine 2800 kms away from my parents residing in hosel tomorrow is my exam i wish i were in u.s.a i would have had proposed u really

i remember my elder sister who usedto look in the mirror and always say the same thing that she looked good earlier o god people of whole world are same but u know i would tell u one think u keeop it in mind for whole life u have seen a tree of mango or any fruit giving tree see it grows as a plant then blooms one day then it gives fruit every year it goes through different phases wear and tear but provides people many things and keeps on going and even grows old and fades away it's sad but truth of life we have to go through such phases and a woman is like a big hearted green tree who gives us so many things but never complains try to be like that and u will be evergreen i think